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Our mission is to provide customers with the finest products and people to solve the most demanding "Big Data" applications.

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High Density Computing is an Intel Xeon (x86) and standard Linux (RHEL or SUSE) based system that enables in-memory processing of Oracle data sets from 64 GB to 48TB. This approach enables Oracle users to re-host applications from disk-based Oracle to MCDB with little or no changes to those applications.

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Big-Data Solutions for Oracle 11-12 users

Memory Centric DataBase (MCDB) is an in-memory capability that enables Oracle 11-12 users to achieve order(s) of magnitude increases in "Big Data" ingest rates, query response times and real time analytics.

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FedCentric Specializes in Solving the most Difficult “Big Data” Requirements

Our competitors define Big Data as Volume, Velocity and Variety. We define Big Data as applications that exceed the capacity of traditional approaches. International Data Corporation (IDC) has coined a term for our market, High Performance Data Analysis (HPDA).


FedCentric Subscribes to the 80 / 20 Rule

FedCentric believes that 80% of all requirements can be satisfied using traditional approaches, in house staff, and systems integrators. This market is crowded and therefore difficult to penetrate, influence, and differentiate. This market is NOT our focus.

20% of all requirements exceed the capabilities of existing approaches, staffs, and system integration companies

This market is forward thinking and requires unique architectures and techniques. This is the market space where we thrive.